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Live Fire Grill | 30"
Item No. 899886
Live Fire Grill | 30" Outdoors 899886 LFG30
Item No. 899886
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Take your grill game to the next level with the Live Fire Grill from Titan Great Outdoors. This high-quality grill features a 30" stainless steel grilling surface that can be raised up and down with the use of the flywheel. It’s easy to control the amount of heat that reaches your food. If your fire gets too hot, there’s no need to remove your food. Simply wheel it up a bit higher! Our fire box is made from a steel frame lined with fire bricks. This setup is designed for optimal heat retention and even distribution. Burn charcoal or wood and control your heat with the air vents on the front or simply wheel the grill grate up or down. The grill grates are positioned at a slight angle to control runoff into the grease trap. The Live Fire Grill also has removable ash trays for quick and easy cleaning.

Whether you set up your grill at camp or keep it in your backyard, Titan Great Outdoors is proud to offer grilling supplies and accessories for cooks of all skill levels. The flywheel mechanism gives you the ultimate control over cooking temperatures. The built-in side tables and storage shelf keep the tools and ingredients you need within reach. The footprint measurements of this grill are 28" L x 36" W (56" with side tables). The overall height is 64”, and the grill grate measures 19” x 23” with a diameter of 30”. The grill grates are made of stainless steel, and the grill has an adjustable height of 14.5”. The side tables measure 16” x 13”, and the grill unit weighs 340 lbs. Purchase this high-quality Live Fire Grill today!

QUALITY GRILL: This BBQ is great for camping or a party. Heat retention bricks promote even cooking.

HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN: Use this grill to cook fish, brats, hot dogs, vegetables, burgers, and steaks.

STURDY MATERIAL: This open fire grill has a sturdy steel frame and air vents for heat control.

WOOD & COAL BURNING: Burn coal or wood in this backyard BBQ. Removable ash trays allow easy cleanup.

SIZE: Our large outdoor BBQ has all the features you need to get cooking. It measures 28” x 36”.


- Flywheel design for ultimate control over your cooking temperature.
- Stainless steel grill grate with grease trap.
- Steel frame fire box lined with fire bricks for optimal heat retention and even distribution. 
- Burn charcoal or wood and control your heat with the air vents or by adjusting your cooking height. 
- Side tables and storage shelf to keep everything you need within reaching distance. 

- Footprint: 28" L x 36" W (56" with side tables)
- Overall Height: 64"
- Grill Grate Dimension: 19" x 23"
- Grill Grate Diameter: 30"
- Grill Grate Material: Stainless Steel
- Adjustable Grill Height: 14.5"
- Side Table Dimensions: 16" x 13" 
- Weight: 340 LB

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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