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When summer hits, it’s the prime season to fire up the grill and have a barbeque. For that, you’ll need a grill you can depend on. The Inferno SEIS by Titan is a high-quality grilling machine made with comfort and convenience in mind. The Inferno SEIS comes with a removable center grate, allowing you to cook all types of food over an open flame. Use the grate to make kebabs, steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, and more. As the smoke from the fire rises, it will infuse your food with a delicious, savory flavor. Finally, you can have a stress-free cookout! The Inferno SEIS also offers plenty of table space. It comes with 6 removable wooden side tables that are made for dining and eating on. Gather around the grill with your loved ones. You can share delicious drinks, fun stories, and good food. What could be more relaxing than that? At Titan, we care about the safety of you and your family, which is why we installed cool-touch handles on this grill. The cool-touch handles are found on either side of the grate. They’ll stay cool even as the fire gets hotter. When you need to move around coals, add firewood, or increase airflow, simply grab the handles and lift up. It’s that simple. No burns, sears, or scorches here! The table is 29” high and has an overall diameter of 51”. When the tables are removed, the grill has a diameter of 25 1/3". The table also has adjustable feet for leveling on uneven surfaces, so you can place it anywhere outside. Add the Inferno SEIS to your grilling supplies and accessories today!

ENJOY FIRE-COOKED MEALS: The Inferno SEIS gives you the opportunity to grill your meal over an open fire. Use it to cook all kinds of food, including chicken, steak, vegetables, and more. With the Inferno SEIS, you’ll be able to enjoy juicy, succulent meats with a hint of smoky flavor. When you’re having a backyard BBQ, pull out the Inferno SEIS for a roaring good time. 

RELAX BY THE FIRE: Cool summer nights are for sitting around the campfire with your loved ones. Crack open a cold one and share memories with one another as you gather around the Inferno SEIS. You can even use the SEIS to make s’mores. To start a fire, lay either coals or firewood down as fuel in the Inferno SEIS, then light it up! 

CONVENIENT TABLE SPACE: The Inferno SEIS offers plenty of table space as it comes with 6 wood table surfaces. Set your plates and drinks down on the Inferno SEIS and share a grilled meal with your loved ones. Each table provides ample elbow room, so nobody should feel cramped at the table. Additionally, the tables are removable for easy storage. 

SAFE FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY: The last things you’ll want to deal with at your summer party are accidental scorches and burns. Fortunately, Titan has you covered. Our Inferno SEIS features cool-touch handles on either side of the firebox vent. These impressive handles stay cool as the fire heats up. You can grab the handles when you need to move coals around, add firewood, or stoke the fire. 

SPECIFICATIONS: This fire pit weighs approximately 168 lbs. The table is 29” high. When the side tables are connected, it has an overall diameter of 51”. By itself, the grill has a diameter of 25 1/3". Place it in your backyard for summer cookouts. You could also use it at the beach or while camping.


- Removable center grate makes turning a hot grill into a roaring fire pit a breeze.
- 6 removable wood table surfaces can be easily taken off to reduce footprint or for storage.
- Adjustable feet for leveling on uneven surfaces. 
- Cool touch handles on either side of grate prevent getting burned when removing. 
- Cool touch handle on firebox vent when you need to move coals around while the grate is in use, adding firewood, or to increase airflow. 

- Weight: 168 LB 
- Table Height: 29”
- Overall Diameter (with side tables): 51”
- Grill / Fire Pit Diameter: 25 1/3”

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