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Counter Balance for 1" Round Spit Rod
Item No. 899946
Counter Balance for 1" Round Spit Rod Outdoors 899946 SPITCB
Item No. 899946
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Maximize the capacity of your rotisserie spit with the Titan Spit Rod Counter Balance. The counter balance can be used when it is difficult to naturally balance the load on your spit rod. 
Lengthen the life of your rotisserie's motor by eliminating unnecessary strain on the motor's gearbox. A carefully balanced spit will ensure that your meat will cook evenly.

To begin, determine the weight distribution of your spit rod. Place the spit rod in the roaster, with the motor detached. Rotate the spit a half of a turn both ways several times to ensure the heavy side rotates to the bottom. 

Slide the counterbalance sleeve on to the spit and tighten the slide rod in the vertical position (opposite of the heavy spit side). Adjust the weight along the slide closer to the spit for more balanced loads, and furthest away for more uneven loads.


- Stainless steel construction
- Long slide to maximize weight 
- Easy to tighten wing nut
- Maximize motor life
- Cook evenly every time

- Slide Length: 7 1/2"
- Counter Weight: 2" x 2"
- Collar Width: 1"
- Compatibility: Fits 1" or less round spit rod


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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