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What is happening to the loyalty program?

Thank you for your continued loyalty and interest in the program. For a variety of reasons, we have decided to discontinue our rewards program at this time. The Rewards Program closes on 11/1/2021, at which point your point balance will no longer be usable. You will continue to be able to earn new points until 6/1/2021, at which point new orders and actions will no longer earn you additional points.​ ​
To give our members the best opportunity to use their points, you will be able to spend your existing balance until 11/1/2021. ​ ​
At this time we are unable to share any information on possible programs or offers that may be presented in the future.​ ​

Stuff Our Lawyers Want Us To Say

Loyal T Rewards points can be used as a store credit in our system only. Redeeming to cash is not allowed or possible. Loyal T Reward points are for individual customers only. Bulk purchasers, businesses and dropshippers are not eligible for the program and may find their loyalty points account shut down. Any misuse of rewards points and associated coupons will result in a permanent removal from the program. As always, we reserve the right to update, change or remove any aspect of the rewards points program, including the method by which points are earned or used at any time.