No-Weld Dueling Tree with AR500 Steel Paddle Targets
Item No. 899888
No-Weld Dueling Tree with AR500 Steel Paddle Targets Outdoors 899888 DUELTREEB-DUELTREEU
Item No. 899888
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This dueling tree has all the features that can help you improve both your speed and accuracy with rifles, pistols, or other firearms. The paddle targets are constructed from 3/8-inch AR500 steel, meaning they will last for years, even if you are shooting outdoors. This is the perfect accessory for anyone, instructor or otherwise, to help improve aim and speed. The stand can be tilted and leaned at different angles to help increase the versatility of your training. Plus, it is incredibly easy to set up! Simply slide the arms of the swing paddles into the rings of the upright, attach the upright to the base, and then you are ready to start shooting! The heavy-duty material keeps the ricochets to a minimum and resists pitting while still delivering an audible sound when the bullet strikes the metal plates.

We strongly recommend that you do not shoot these targets with steel core ammunition, steel jacket ammunition, solid copper ammunition, or magnum rounds. To avoid injury from ricochets, don't shoot the targets with BBs or airsoft pellets. Always remember to wear eye and ear protection while shooting at the target. Do not shoot any closer than 100 yards with a rifle and 10 yards with a handgun. Furthermore, don't shoot a caliber larger than 0.308 at the Titan shooting target. At Titan, we care about our customers and have experienced professionals available to answer any questions that you may have.

EASY TO SET UP: This portable dueling tree was made with a no-weld design. You can simply slide the arms of the swing paddles into the rings of the upright. Then you attach the upright to the base, and you are ready to start shooting some practice targets. Add this to your sports accessories and see how such easy assembly makes all the difference!

ANGLED MOUNT AND FLEXIBLE ARM: This target practice aid is 90 degrees vertical, 70 degrees leaning, and has flexible arms, so you can position the targets at varying angles to help you increase your speed and accuracy. This is just another way that we strive to maximize every feature of all our products and sports accessories!

HELP PERFECT YOUR AIM: These strong shooting targets can help you practice with your firearm of choice to improve your skill and aim. With 6 different sturdy round targets, you can create a versatile training regimen that can help your pistol or rifle accuracy. They are great for both men and women who need the right gear to help them improve their overall accuracy.

DURABLE METAL MATERIAL: We have constructed these heavy-duty targets and stand to last for years, even when you use it outdoors. They can take the hit from bullets and give you feedback sound loud enough to hear even from a distance. The material resists pitting, so you can keep the pristine look on your targets for years to come!

THIS IS FOR YOU: Titan Great Outdoors is committed to providing our customers with quality products at great prices – everything you need to get outside and enjoy life. We offer everyday free shipping and a one-year warranty on all of our products.


- Set Includes: Base with 4 legs, tree upright to hold targets, and 6 AR500 steel swing paddles
- No weld design lets you easily set up your dueling tree straight out of the box
- Loud GONG sound provides positive feedback when a target is hit
- Last for years | AR500 steel deflects rounds and resists pitting

- Target Diameter: 6-in.
- Base Footprint: 24-in x 10-in with 24-in legs
- Upright Height: Vertical 62.25-in. | Angled 58.25-in.
- Target Material: 3/8-in. AR500 Steel
- Total Weight: 62 lb.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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